Cat Cake

We are always looking for a reason to bake a cake and celebrate.  Recently our kittens turned 1-year-old. So, in honor of their big day, we baked a cake in the shape of a cat.  We got them some kitten treats to enjoy while we ate the yummy cake.  To bake this cake you will need 2 round cake pans and a box of cake mix.  Bake the cake as directed.  The 1st round cake will be used for the face.  Cut triangle ears out of the 2nd round cake.  We saved the left over pieces of the 2nd cake and ate them as well.  Icing your cake and ears…the icing will help hold the ears to the round cake.  Decorate however you would like.  We used blue gum eggs for eyes, pink sprinkles for the ears and nose and black icing for the whiskers and mouth, but you could use whatever you have in the house.  Good things to use for eyes could be round candies, M&Ms, or fruit gummies.  Whiskers could be made out of licorice or fruit by the foot cut into thin strips.  We completed our party by all wearing headband cat ears.  This cake is simple to make and could be easily modified to make any animal!

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